Corporate relocation

The strength and suppleness of our service menu allows clients the ability to choose which services are required and tailor them to meet specific needs without having to settle for 'off the peg' solutions. We do not believe there is a 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to relocation. We use our experience and expertise to help each of our clients find the right solution for them.
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Bhagwati Express is one of the world's largest moving and shifting management companies. With our good experience in both domestic and international relocation, our Team is able to provide strategic tailored relocation solutions for clients, as well as consult on a complete range of mobility issue.
The innovations we introduce are driven by an overriding quest to deliver the most cost-effective mobility services to our clients. Our integrated services have allowed our clients to coordinate their relocation needs, reducing costs in terms of time, communications, and additional external service requirements, such as temporary accommodation or furniture rental.

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